30 years ago, being the student of faculty of aero physics and space researches of  Moscow Physics and Technology faculty (FAKI MFTI), I prepared the degree project «The Forecast and Consequences of Dust Storms on Mars». Behind  the beautiful name of the project, there was hiden the forecast of consequences of nuclear winter on Earth after a mutual exchange of nuclear attacks of superstates. On anti-war moods I replaced specialization with physics of the sea, and then worked at oceanologic institutes and repeatedly participated in research voyages, visited many countries on different continents.

I am very glad that destiny through my casual interests returned me to a subject of school and  students interests .

Now I begin the big project which grows out of my researches for the last years and my project has fantastic material evidential resources.  Let my theory be simply a possible version of events on Earth, and so even it is more convenient for  me to advance revolutionary views on the  history of sciences about Earth.

The project will go in a popular scientific form though material proofs of my versions outweigh many mistakenly accepted and settled theories.

It will not be easy for You just to read and to comprehend, what I’ve wrote, because  my conclusions  is a result of long-term reflections and with them it is desirable to overthink quietly and independently many facts for some time.

I think that the most reasonable advise  is to look  just for a pleasure, presented video and  photo material on my blog. For further reading of my blog It is necessary to understand the given material .

Eks (now they are more often communicate to me not by name but by the nickname. Eks – is an afficks from a full father’s  surname  which at accession of Latvia to the USSR was thrown away  from the surname in 1944)

Oleg Chepan (Eks)

русские тексты и русские озвучки на странице



Об авторе eksmmm

бридж, но сейчас важнее наука про астероиды
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